When passion blends into profession it becomes a masterpiece (Pemmaraju)

Since lockdown began, many individuals have been revisiting and discovering hobbies. Though you may assume it may only be suitable as a leisure activity, with the help of this article and a strong execution you will be able to convert your passion into a profitable venture!

1. Sell value, not the goods.

Online courses are one of the most profitable methods of distributing valuable information to individuals. The difference between setting up a traditional business to sell your goods or service to this is that you are marketing the skills set and knowledge that people will pay good money for. 

The increasingly strong presence of E-commerce has encouraged individuals to start businesses due to the ease of entry. Due to this – more individuals are willing to invest in education and life skills to heighten their brand presence to stand out from competitors. Especially those who have businesses within saturated markets.

During the pandemic, webinars have become increasingly popular through the likes of Zoom. However, traditional blog posts and ebooks can also allow you to bring in an additional passive income. Starting with online classes also gives you access to a wide range of opportunities as it enables you to build a strong brand presence and a loyal client base. This will prove a significant advantage if you consider selling your goods and service later on!

2. E-commerce

If you want to directly turn your hobby into monetary value, this is the most common and profitable way. 

Due to the strong presence of social media and technology, businesses have been given access to a large global audience of over 3.5 billion prospective consumers. This allows increasing sales opportunity, with a clear online marketing execution. As opposed to a traditional store, creating an online website or simply selling via sites such as Ebay and Etsy – you are also accessible to customers 24/7. This allows an opportunity to penetrate international markets as well as generate a high level passive income.

You may be asking, which option is best for me?

This requires considering which of these two align with you and your skills set. If you have experience in confident speaking and marketing, online classes will open up your potential to making profit. Otherwise, simply a drive for passion and strong execution will allow your business to flourish via E-commerce.

Though it is important to note, progress and growth involves a process of trial and error. Keep your vision steadfast and you will be able to attain the success that you seek. Good luck!




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