Today, work is vital to a maintaining our lifestyles. How many of us can honestly say we enjoy our work or gain a sense of fulfillment from it and look forward to being back at work? If finance were not an issue, how many of us would drop our jobs and live a life of leisure…

Some of us are fortunate in life in the sense that our day-to-day work is also our passion. As a midwife, I can wholeheartedly say that I could not do my job if I did not enjoy it. And quite honestly at this point in my life (could quite possibly change in the future), I cannot see myself do anything else. It is less work and more devotion to providing a fulfilling experience for the families I care for. It is beautiful in that I have the privilege to be present through one of life’s important moments. It has been over five years since I first witnessed birth and even today I will describe it in the same way I first did, simply euphoric.

Is this something I have always wanted to do? Nop, not a chance. My first aspiration in life was to own my own sweet shop and now sweets are one of my least favourite foods (it is the stickiness, not a fan).  Would I change anything leading up till today? Nop, I would not even think of it. The truth is Midwifery was never my passion, but I have always had a vision for my life which involved helping others. I developed the learning, and the vocation into a passion that I continue to enjoy.

When I first started out, I struggled to maintain a work life balance and at one point I did not want to continue. It felt as though the vocation turned passion had turned into a repetitive cycle and I was not able to breathe. I struggled to genuinely enjoy what I do. All until I changed a few things in my life…

  1. Health

The age-old analogy of how a car will not run without fuel and it gets worse if you use the wrong fuel. Fuel your body and your mind. Enjoy good food, make the most of the outdoors, talk to those you want to talk to. Do what you enjoy outside of the career/work world. Prioritise this in your day-to-day life.

  1. Money

Earn enough money to live comfortably without overworking yourself. If you can afford to cut your hours and still earn enough for food and a roof over your head, then do it. Money comes and goes, and it is not something we take with us to the grave, just our deeds. Precious moments with loved ones and once in a lifetime experiences are limited but integral to life.

  1. Time

Quit looking at the clock. Slow down. Stop overworking yourselves. You do what you can and leave the rest. You are human and can only do so much, these expectations that we must use every single second doing something to boost our careers is a farce. Use time for you, your loved ones and to strengthen your faith.

  1. Passion

Develop a passion, this can be anything from walking outside to becoming a plant parent to painting or even sudoku. Keep this passion a passion, this was there is less pressure on you to perform or overachieve. Do it for yourself and enjoy on your own timescale. A passion like this is something you are the boss of and just own that.

  1. Faith

It was something my father said to me whilst dropping me off to one of my first jobs as a tutor (around seven years ago). His words were something along the lines of “If you are working and earning lots of money but not praying your Salah, then you are losing out on the best wealth you could attain”. This has stuck by me ever since and something I think about every-day at work. Often during a busy shift, taking a few minutes to pray and seek guidance is what I need. It gives me the chance to reflect on my purpose and my role as a Midwife and a Muslim. If the concern is finding a place to pray, speak to your manager – is there a prayer room on site or a store room you can use.

It is so important to remember that our lives are different and whilst I share these tips, it does not mean it is something you have to do or something that will work for you. As individuals we need to stop putting this pressure on ourselves. All our situations are different and unique to us and the key is to find out what works for you and just go with it.

And that is me signing off

Sundas Khalid 🙂