The whole world changed in a matter of days and we’re still not used to this new reality. Being cooped up in doors creates different challenges for us all; some of us are parents, some students, some of us are struggling more than others. As different as we may all have it, we’re all in this together.

Every one of us goes through different emotions each day, even if we’re carrying out the same routines and motions in our day to day lives. But how can we make sure we’re spending our time in the best way possible? This pandemic has brought to life numerous lessons, but one of the most obvious ones is how limited time actually is.

How can we make ours count?


1) Reminds yourself that it’s okay to not be okay

Some days you may wake up feeling so productive, you can’t wait to sit at your desk and get going. Checklist made, you’re now ready to perform each task to the best of your ability. With each tick and each task  accomplished, your level of motivation increases.

And other days you may feel the complete opposite. You wake up and just want to sit, staring and thinking. Your emotions feel mostly negative, and this constant loop isn’t the best feeling.

But feelings are visitors, they come and they go. Treat them as just that, when they’re good, allow your gratitude to fill you internally. And when they’re negative, remember to bid them farewell. Finding a balance is always important, and so during the good moments, remember to savour them. And when the bad ones come to visit, remind yourself of the good.

There is nothing wrong with being human!


2) Remember that growth looks different on everyone

Just because you may not be taking up a new and incredible task every day, does not mean that growth isn’t taking place. We grow in different ways, at different times and in different places. And during these unprecedented times, our growth patterns are bound to constantly change, sometimes feeling uncomfortable and sometimes feeling liberating.

It’s important we keep things in perspective, and that can be incredibly difficult sometimes. So how about assessing your progress less critically and more positively? For example, perhaps you could measure your positive growth in how many times you remembered to be grateful each day. And with this, you will become more aware of your blessings, most definitely improving your mood.

There is no competition with growth, only room to encourage and be encouraged. We are all on the same journey, just taking different routes.


3) Take This Time to Get to Know YOU

It’s rare to be given the opportunity to really get to know yourself. We spend so much time worrying about what others think of us, whether or not we made them happy and if we’re good friends to them. But what about whether or not we’re a good friend to ourselves?

Becoming your own best friend can look so different for different people. Some of us spend our time in our own company making puzzles, reading, drawing etc. But what they all have in common is that it’s quality time with ourselves.

It can be uncomfortable sometimes, difficult to look at your reflection and accept parts of yourself. But even that process is beautiful. With every acceptance of each imperfection, you’ve shown mercy towards yourself. And that in itself is a big step towards learning to love yourself.

Those are just three steps which we can take to try and use our seconds wisely, but there is no right or wrong way to go about this. Just as long as you feel as though you want to make each second count, you will feel appreciation for each day that passes.


Time belongs to all of us, even you, and we can try to show it appreciation during these strange times. And one day when we look back at it, it will appreciate us too.


By Unaisa Baker