Welcome to the episode 100 full show recording. This episode and show was sponsored by Muntada Aid who are running a social media campaign this Ramadan and want YOUR support. Go ahead and find out more on their website (https://donate.muntadaaid.org/) and sign up to take part in the campaign via the following link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/Respon… A huge thanks also to all of our guest speakers, alongside those who attended the event and to the following companies: Flub films, Zaha Street Grill, Date Delicacy, Raya’s Coffee, Hustler Clothing, 360 Clothing, Mubarak London, Flash Culture Photography.

This episode features Omar Choudhry, Josh Lamonaca, Muslim Belal, Silverback AJ, Healthy Mindset, Jibril Hanzo, Sidd, Annotate and more.