Episode Synopsis:

This episode kicks off with the debate of whether one should shoot their shot with opportunities that are not obviously advertised, by putting themselves forward, or rather does being less easily available make them more interesting? Abdul Rahman and Faisal believe that both their fathers’ influence played a part in inspiring them to explore their ideas, and, to never give up taking chances at what could be a potential success.

Abdul Rahman, fifth year medic at UCL, and Tariq Jamal, fourth year computer scientist at UCL, are creators of the app ‘Pillars’. November 2020 saw a huge controversy around a leading Muslim app that involved data being sold to third parties without permission from the users. Consequently, that became a light bulb moment for our guests today, who saw a clear niche to solve this problem. Tariq, who at the time was already working on app development, was encouraged by Abdul Rahman’s design ideas to materialise the concept. With no financial investment, and a transparent development process via social media, the support for their app rocketed immediately. The Pillars community was an engaging part of the process, hence, the founders believed that’s what set them apart from other apps, because people were losing trust in apps that weren’t being open. They speak clearly about how the profitability of the app will never be at the compromise of the Deen incentive. Whilst there may be potential business growth for the app in other aspects, they believe that the features that are going to help the user perform the obligatory Islamic requirements will not be associated with money. It’s without doubt that their sincere intentions are at the forefront of this project. They also discuss how much is too much to show on social media? Well, according to all three opinions, when it comes to work, show as much as possible. As Faisal said, “you kind of owe it to them”, as it’s only through your loyal supporters that you’re able to build on your projects.

They talk about the importance of allowing your social media feed to only show you what would benefit you in the real world. Faisal’s Instagram JUST marginally misses Tariq’s “most beneficial content” list for his news feed! 😉

Tariq, Faisal, and Abdul Rahman draw parallels from different productivity books they’ve read, and how they relate to certain teachings of Islam. For example, how it takes 40 days to formulate a habit. And how character is the essence of a good Muslim. These books written by non Muslim authors have the content, but all they need to elevate it, are the corresponding Hadiths to back the statements, which would make it most especially beneficial to the Muslim audience. This episode also features a reading of an excerpt from Faisal’s blog article regarding money management.

The discussions that build this episode are guaranteed to leave you with some thought provoking ideas, or at the very least, motivate you to explore your own ideas. So much so, that Faisal confidently dubs this conversation within the “top five“ of Freshly Grounded. Powerful indeed.