Episode Synopsis:

Faisal messaged Abdullah earlier in the week, inviting him to speak about climate change. Whilst he was initially a bit reluctant to discuss it, he’s here today to take the hot seat. No pun intended. Before you run away from this episode, thinking ‘not climate change’, Faisal urges you to listen to this conversation! He’s the first to admit he would ordinarily get bored of listening to this topic, and if any of you feel the same was as Faisal would, take it from him who insists you give this episode a listen.

Right, so from the top, what is climate change? And why are people speaking about it so much recently? In essence, Abdullah mentions, it’s simply the increase in the average global temperatures. Generally the trend over the last 20 decades, has been that the Earth has steadily been warming up. Which has a domino effect for weather patterns and the natural balance of the planet’s climate. It’s more relevant now because of, firstly, the science and technology we have now allows us to study and research the topic better, and secondly, climate change is affecting us now more than it was before. Wildfires, and extreme temperatures in certain areas, are some of the examples that have mainly been apparent lately. Another example is that of rising sea levels. Rising sea levels causes a lot of people who live around coastal areas to be affected. Their homes become easily destroyed.

So what are the main contributing factors causing climate change? Abdullah pointed out industrial revolution as the first one. 250 years ago, we burned a lot of coal, natural gas and oil since that time. Burning these fuels release certain gases like carbon monoxide and methane. These gases are very very good in trapping heat in the atmosphere, which is very bad. That in turn contributes to the general warming of the atmosphere. The increase in carbon dioxide, being absorbed mainly by the oceans, are causing the water to become more acidic. Corals are turning white. So this is affecting the absolute bottom of the food chain. The small organisms aren’t getting their food supply from these coral reefs. This, inevitably, affects the top of the food chain. We’re not getting the fish we need.

So how should a Muslim consider climate change? As Faisal so rightly points out, we have to understand that it is our duty to care for our environment, all people and all creation. Is one person’s actions really going to change the world? Well yes, because the next person can be influenced by that one person and so on and so forth. Although the larger effect is happening from the big polluters with their larger emissions, it certainly doesn’t mean every individual doesn’t have a part to play. When we’re resurrected, as Muslims, we are going to be questioned about everything we did. Our ignorance is not enough of an excuse to not care enough. We even have the options to switch to better economical energy suppliers in some parts of the world.

So is it better to drive an electric car? If more people were to adopt electric cars, the demand for petrol would decrease. So you would think that petrol suppliers would move to alternative sources. So yes, definitely!

Moving on to the discussion of FG events. Abdullah has actually been at both live events as well as the house show that took place recently. He attended as a crew member. So how did that happen? Abdullah admits that he’s always been a fan of FG, he used to watch Faisal’s YouTube channel before FG launched. He loved the message behind it and resonated clearly with the vision. When he heard about the first live show needing volunteers, he applied to be one alongside his friend. They came from Warwick to London for the event. It felt surreal for him to be there, and witness Sam’s height in reality. Faisal shares some of his ideas for future events for FG and how he plans to adapt them. And there are some very very exciting ideas and concepts being brainstormed!

Abdullah, being Pakistani, chooses Pakistani food as his favourite cuisine. Faisal argues that if you’re actually Pakistani, would you really get a Pakistani dish cooked better from an outlet than cooked at home? Abdullah believes that’s highly possible. He chose Taste Pakistan in Hounslow as his favourite restaurant. Faisal’s favourite cuisine, outside, would be pan Asian food.

The boys briefly discuss the role between food and mental health. How comfort eating can be a direct result of not feeling good mentally or emotionally. Also, would you believe Abdullah is not on any social media platform besides LinkedIn? He deleted all his accounts, at first, to avoid any distractions during his exams. But he hasn’t looked back since. So where does he get dopamine from Faisal wants to know? Sports, he says. Which leads to a bit of chit chat on the current Premier League before wrapping up the episode.