Episode Synopsis:

Esa and Faisal begin the episode talking about the Light upon Light tour they just both went on for a week travelling around the U.K. Esa Khan launched his app, Quranly, last Ramadhaan, and currently has over 100 000 downloads. Quranly is a habit building app that brings Quran into your daily life. Alhamdulillah since it’s launch, Quranly has brought so much goodness to the lives of its users by connecting the user to Allah’s words. Esa boldly states that when he gets messaged from users about what a positive impact it’s had on their lives, it outweighs everything that went into it’s development.

Esa flips this question on Faisal about FG’s  impact and what it means to him. Faisal explains how FG requires so much of his time that he had to make it his full time job. And even though sometimes he wonders if he’s taken it as far as it can go, the audience are adamant for it to keep going. And that support means so much to him.

Faisal asks Esa if the positive feedback he gets from Quranly is different from what he’s used to, as Esa’s work is in the line of giving Da’wah anyway, and his work means he’s involved in witnessing shahada’s being taken quite often, which of course is so rewarding in itself. Esa says Quranly was his project that he invested in so it definitely feels very valuable. And whilst he doesn’t plan on leaving his job, he feels a lot of personal attachment to Quranly.

Esa actually released the app whilst he was in hospital after his third child was born and needed to stay in hospital for a while after his birth. Esa and Faisal discuss how doubts can creep into your mind when you’re about to take a big step with something you’ve never done. For example, in Esa’s case releasing the Quranly app. Esa says it was actually stumbling across short inspirational quotes that he believed was a sign from Allah to continue forward with the release.

Esa’s advice to anyone who has an idea they wish to execute, to just go for it. The longer one takes to implement an idea, the longer you take to see results. You don’t know how quickly something can kick off to being a success, but if you don’t take that first step, you’ll never know at all.