Episode Synopsis:

As always, any episode with Adam leads right into the most random food for thought. And this episode is no exception. Faisal quickly begins by finding out the meaning of his surname, “holder of four” before it turns into forming phrases of four words that together make no sense. And of course there’s always more chat about coffee between these two guys. Yes, that is always a hot topic between them. But hey, it’s only because their coffee knowledge is pretty good! We also get to find out how both Faisal and Adam slept the night before this episode was shot. They decide that choosing to sleep early at night can actually force one to become a home body. Faisal interestingly describes that his routine of falling asleep relatively early may mean that he isn’t available for the rights of others. For example, if his friend wants to go out at 8pm with him, he should be able to say yes, as opposed to feeling like it’s too close to his bedtime.

Adam and Faisal share sleep tactics. Counting sheep is one of Adam’s top tactics. Faisal’s top tip is that he’s adjusted his sleep times. He doesn’t find it hard to fall asleep anymore because he chooses to wake up really early. So naturally he’s tired early. But he also knows he can’t sleep on an empty stomach. Which quickly drifts the conversation to their eating habits. Adam admits to not being able to eat without some sort of background noise, be it the tv being on or a window cracked open. Conscious eating is the concept of connecting your mind to your tastebuds so as to fully absorb the experience of what you’re consuming. For example, thinking about what ingredients made up the dish and looking out for those flavours. Faisal wants to be a conscious eater but he eats too fast. And Adam tends to avoid talking especially when he’s enjoying his meal.

Next topic, of course, random again.hair routines. The boys share their respective hair care. You’ll be surprised to learn that Adam thinks it’s a bad idea to use a hairdryer on your head, because it’s just a way for you to feel warm and then cold again. But, he does recommend using the hairdryer to warm the bed up before you get in so it’s warm and cosy. Or of course he suggests you can use an electric blanket alternatively to warm up the bed prior to getting in. We have to reiterate the train of thought between their conversations are absolutely mind blowing. From sleep habits to eating habits, hair care and then prepping the bed to the right temperature. These conversations are definitely not scripted.

Faisal explains that originally this episode was to be Adam interviewing him, discussing the FG tour in 2022. By the time this episode is aired, the three part documentary of the BTS of the tour would’ve been released. So now Adam, in fact, can interview Faisal regarding the upcoming tour.

So what better question to start off with than “what is the tour?” Great question. After the success of the first two live shows, the team decided to introduce more live shows. Having not anticipated the global pandemic, circumstances changed. The tour had to be postponed to what will insha Allah be in early 2022. The live events was intended to be the primary monetisation of FG. The fact that this couldn’t happen meant the future of how long FG would stay standing was questionable. But with faith in Allah, a new concept was created to stabilise the finances of FG, which was of course the success of The Game. If all goes according to plan with the upcoming tour, insha Allah the hope is to take the tour internationally.

Adam questions Faisal about what the tour is about, what can the audience expect from the lineup of this tour and the notice behind the tour. Faisal shares that this tour is going to be different in that they’re not following the live interview style show, this time they want to incorporate elements of Saturday night’s takeaway with Ant and Dec and The Royal Variety Performance but in the halal version. The tour may also include Adam against an audience member in a FG quiz. Faisal is confident that Adam will lose the quiz, but even so, how incredible would that be!

Rest assured, you are in for a night of fun and entertaining evening as an audience member of the tour. All whilst keeping in line with halal fun. Win win!