In this article I’ll be highlighting the link between exercise and a successful career, with a sharp focus on the merits of exercising first thing in the morning. I’ll be presenting the case that an active lifestyle, which begins with early morning exercise on a daily basis, is the key to success. In order to understand why this is true, I’ll break it down into 3 key categories; productivity, alertness and living in the moment.


How often do we hear this word being thrown around? Everyone has their own idea of what being productive means. Naturally, productivity will manifest itself in different ways to different people but the purpose of this article is to demonstrate the how and not the why. Instead of asking why productivity is important, I’ll be writing about how early morning exercise will improve your productivity and help you to achieve your goals.

It is no secret that within the workplace, it is those who are most productive with their time who will excel and move into management positions. For those of you who work, ask your senior managers how they start their day. The vast majority will tell you that they either go out for a run, go to the gym or engage in some other physical activity.

From my own personal experience within my workplace, I have witnessed this first hand. Every time that I visited the on site gym (outside of lockdown obviously) before I started for the day, I would see  members of the management team already there. The primary motivation for these people to get up at half 5/ 6 every morning and engage in physical activity was to improve their productivity – they saw themselves being able to accomplish much more throughout the day after having that morning exercise. They got more done in a shorter amount of time and were able to push themselves and the company forward at a faster pace. It goes without saying that in order to achieve success, every second is crucial.


Often people are put off early morning exercise because of the worry of feeling drained throughout the day. You may think waking up early to work out will leave you feeling lethargic or lazy later on. However, the reality is very different. After a good morning session, you will find that you leave feeling energised and ready to tackle the day. From a mental point of view, you feel much more confident within yourself due to the fact that you have already overcome an obstacle – you’ve already achieved something before your day has actually started! This positive feeling will translate into your work and you will see a remarkable improvement in both quality and quantity.

While the rest of your colleagues may need that first hour to get into the groove of things, you’re already walking with a spring in your step (unless you just trained legs ) and you’re using that first hour of work to get ahead of everyone else. When you’re able to box things off right from the get go, you leave yourself with more time to spend completing other tasks. Being ahead of the curve has countless benefits; you’re able to have more time to pick up and notice trends that may affect your work in a few weeks, you can plan for the future and you’re also able to dedicate time to other people – three key skills that are very well suited to management positions so if you’re after that promotion, you know what to do.

Living in the moment:

Committing to getting up early in the morning and exercising before you start your work is tough, it really is. So why should you do it? Why not just exercise after work? The main reason that everyone should be exercising in the morning is because fitness is a long- term goal, it’s something you’re constantly working towards. Therefore, you don’t want it taking up valuable time and energy during the day when you should be focusing on your short term goals. Successful people will tell you that minimising your decisions throughout the day is a sure fire way of ensuring focus on the present, thus directing all of your attention to achieving positive results on a daily basis.

Living in the moment is so tough for us all and it’s because we’ve always got so much on our minds. This is especially true for those of us who have extra responsibilities at home. We get back after work and we’re thinking about so many things – ‘When shall I go to the gym?’ ‘When shall I relax with my spouse?’ ‘When shall I call my parents?’. The reality is that with all this going on inside our heads, we’re bound to burn- out at some point. Taking care of one of your long -term goals (fitness) early in your day will undoubtedly help to de- clutter your mind and allow you to truly live in the moment.


I hope this article has made it clear how working out early in the morning can literally change your life. It may sound cliché but remember that ‘health is wealth’. Now, that doesn’t mean that you tell yourself you’ll wake up and go for a run every single day; the advice is always to start small but stay consistent. Take it easy and take care of yourself.

I’d love to hear what you guys think! Please leave any suggestions, tips or advice in the comments.

Thank you for reading,

Hamza Dalvi.