Freshly Grounded presents it’s first ever House Show and what better way to do it than to commemorate the 250th episode of the flagship weekly podcast. On Friday September 24th Faisal will be delivering a keynote on reflections over the past 250 episodes packed with gems that he’s picked up from guests along the way, be it psychology hacks to optimise your brain or habits deduced from some of the world’s top athletes and businesses. 

“But what’s a Freshly Grounded House Show?!” We expect you to be screaming at your monitor. A House Show is a pocket-sized version of our big live events. It’s a small live audience in an intimate black box theatre setting with a lot more interaction and a lot less hoo-har. A chance to ask questions to the Freshly Grounded team and to learn about how things work behind the scenes. 

What we all love most about our houses is who we share them with, and in this house that’s you. In this house we help each other grow, in this house we make mistakes, we pick each other back up, we do belly laughs and ugly cries, we do big reflections and small steps, but we do it together. 

Just us, you and one (big) spotlight. That’s the House Show.

Tickets for our first House Show will be available on our online store from Sunday 5th September at 7pm. But there are only 100 seats available so be sure to act fast! 

Doors open at 8:30pm with a start time of 9pm and the show is expected to run between 60-90 minutes.

In line with government guidelines, we are able to hold the show without social distanced seating but encourage people to think of others and take necessary precautions. If you or your household have symptoms of COVID then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange a refund and re-allocate your tickets. 

And for those wondering, don’t worry, the big productions are coming too! Our team is hard at work getting the big 3-city tour organised and back in action after the sudden pandemic closure. We’ll be bringing more new on that in due course.